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 Welcome to
Somewhere Different

Dear Reader:

Fair to say, these are challenging times to be alive. Part of the challenge involves the need to constantly change and adapt to life. Part is a sense of uncertainty that we seem to live with -- in times when the world is asking for our care and attention. And then there's the quest for a place where sanity, growth and peace of mind are really welcome.

My friends and I are doing our best to create just such a place. You've reached the homepage of Planet Waves Weekly -- perhaps the most original astrology publication ever. You may be familiar with my work from or from Jonathan Cainer's site.

Planet Waves Weekly offers a continuous stream of my newest writing, and many additional features. Each Friday, I offer you a new weekly horoscope, an extended birthday report, and a perspective on human affairs informed by my experience as both a long-time professional journalist and astrologer. These articles are carefully designed to address the most important issues facing all of us today.

Planet Waves Weekly is the only place on the Net that you can access my weekly horoscopes or the extended birthday report.

And now each day, you can tune into the Subscriber Homepage (view screen shot) and I'll meet you with insights into that day's astrology -- a special daily blog for subscribers that helps you navigate through the astrological landscape.

You'll also have access to more than two years of fully searchable article and horoscope archives unavailable anywhere else, and direct access to the Bridge to the Core 2005 annual horoscope pages.

You'll get special email alerts when unusual activity is brewing in the stars. And then each Monday I offer a bonus horoscope, usually one of the many monthly columns I write, posted to the subscriber homepage.

My writing has a strong emphasis on personal astrology, relationships, profession and family, so you'll get the information you need to stay a step ahead of the planets and the people they affect so strongly. And with my ongoing commentaries on the news, and the social changes we're experiencing, you'll feel as if you've got your own personal journalist working for you.

We'd love to share with you what our readers have had to say lately -- check here for feedback. And a few recent sample editions are posted here. And you can find out a bit more about me at this link.

To subscribe, please visit this link. Subscriptions start at just $8.95.

I look forward to being in touch with you every day, helping you make a little more sense out of life, and offering you a sense of community, communication, and a source of news that's written by human hands. You are not alone on this planet -- and thanks to you, neither am I.

Thanks for dropping by, and I look forward to being in touch every day.

Yours truly,

Paris, France

PS: We have as much fun as possible doing this work, and we hope it shows. Every one of us at Planet Waves is working for you -- with the feeling that we have the right to make the world a better place. We do, and so do you.

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