A Brief Note About This Project

I'm back after a few day break from writing, looking forward to what emerges from this thread -- thanks for your patience if you've been checking in. For those of you who followed the Scorpio thread, I'll be making a few changes, including taking a couple of days off per week. Scorpio can drive on with obsessive intensity (especially for Water Boy here). Sagittarius is a bit more leisurely, but in reality I've got to pace myself a bit more. I'll also be doing more back editing and developing ideas after they are published. In case I end up writing late at night and decide half of it was incoherent, this will make structural some room for improvement. But the basic fact is that I need to get this stuff on the page... so here goes.

I am sure that more people who read Planet Waves can better relate to Sagittarian themes than Scorpionic ones. I say this because one of the most interesting things about the feedback that came in a few months ago was the high proportion of people who said astrology was their favorite subject on the site. I don't exactly encourage this: I think that the world of so-called spirituality does nobody any favors by denying sex and death and getting lost in lots of airy-fairy feel-good ideas that don't laugh, don't get horny and can't bite.

So I'll do my best to make this Sagittarius with a belly, with lust and with teeth -- and you can help. Your feedback, quotations, questions and ideas will help move this project along.

I would also appreciate your submissions of Sagittarian artwork to decorate the pages. I went nuts on my Photoshopped porn fine arts campaign during Scorpio; for this project, I'm going to be a bit less intense on the visual end, using these nifty space graphics and whatever comes in from readers. If you are going to send anything, one or two graphics per email maximum, sent as .jpg format at 72 DPI, if you can relate.

Thank you for reading.

And now, for a brief reflection on the Higher Self.

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Space graphics above: Samples of the Center of Centaurus A, courtesy of APOD. Credit: E.J. Schreier (STScI) et al., NASA. Explanation: A fantastic jumble of young blue star clusters, gigantic glowing gas clouds, and imposing dark dust lanes surrounds the central region of the active galaxy Centaurus A.