Unlock the secrets of the stars with Eric Francis

🎂 Birth Chart Analysis

Every individual is born under a unique alignment of stars, creating a celestial blueprint that can be read and interpreted. A Birth Chart Analysis at [Your Name/Brand] isn’t just a snapshot of the heavens at your time of birth. It’s a window into your personality, desires, strengths, and challenges. By understanding your chart, you can gain profound insights into your life’s purpose, making decisions that resonate with your inner self.

💗 Relationship Compatibility

Relationships form the core of our human experience, but they often come with their complexities and puzzles. At [Your Name/Brand], we utilize the ancient art of astrological synastry to decode the dynamics between two charts. Discover how your planets interact with another’s, what it reveals about your bond, and how you can navigate challenges together. Whether it’s love, friendship, or work relationships, our analysis provides a deeper understanding of the energies at play.

📈 Personal Growth Guidance

As planets move through their orbits, they form transient relationships with our natal placements, influencing our emotions, actions, and life situations. [Your Name/Brand]’s Personal Growth Guidance service delves into these transits, offering you a roadmap of upcoming energies. We empower you to harness favorable alignments for manifestation, personal development, and spiritual growth while also preparing you for more challenging cosmic periods.

🎯 Career Path Insights

Your career isn’t just about livelihood—it’s a significant part of your life’s journey. The stars and planets, in their infinite wisdom, have guidance to offer about your professional path. [Your Name/Brand] specializes in discerning this guidance, helping you understand your innate talents, potential challenges, and optimal times for change. Allow the universe to guide you in making choices that align with your highest potential.

About Eric

“Born from a passion for the cosmos and a desire to understand the intricate patterns of the universe, Eric has provided astrological insights for countless individuals. With over 3,000 years of experience, we offer a blend of ancient wisdom and modern interpretation to guide you on your life’s journey.”


“Thank you Eric for your tireless vigilance and for your voice of reason rooted in corroborated unassailable details across these decades of delusion and collective cognitive dissonance.”

— Andrew Carothers-Liske, Substack reader

This small description was fascinating and made me gulp…My sun is in Aquarius; my moon & rising are both in Libra…so, all your words feel directed to my life. Thank you for a taste of what’s to come in my life!

— Trish Shelton, on Libra Astrology Studio 2023-24

“Beautiful horoscopes, dear Eric. My Virgo sister’s seems written specially for her, and my Cancer horoscope is inspiring and lovely. Thank you.”

— L. Glanville, Core Community subscriber

“Long time backstage member, just wanting to say that the valuable and insightful work of Eric Francis is beyond measure. He is a global treasure and having his horoscopes and readings and all the other resources of Planet Waves is a valuable part of my life journey. Thank you, Eric, for all your great work.”

— Kathleen Sullivan, Backstage Pass level subscriber