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A Seemingly Random Investigation into the Theory & Practice of Astrology

<< Modern interpretation of the Geomantic figure Populus from the Geomantic Deck, once published by S. Kaplan. The Geomantic figures (16 in all, each using no more than eight dots and no fewer than four) is very old, possibly an old notation system for a simplified astrology, but the figures appear elsewhere. This particular concept forms the basis for the Eight of Pentacles in some decks, particuclarly Crowley and Marseilles.

All information herein is a matter of opinion or interpretation, but relevant sources are cited. Caution: Astrology is widely perceived as bullshit. Proceed at your own peril!

By Eric Francis

Updated Periodically, in No Special Order. Keep checking back! Some of these links will take you to existing articles on Planet Waves that address the subject matter at hand, particularly early in the project's history. Others will be rewritten from previous articles or from University of the Universe posts. If you have ideas or further questions, or an experience you'd like to relate, or are really hot to get some information on one of these topics that is as-yet unaddressed, please write to me at

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What is astrology?

What is an astrologer?

How is it that every culture has astrology, but astrology is not taken seriously in our culture?

What is the International House of Pancakes?

What is the difference between a sign and a house?

What is the relationship between astrology and science? And why do scientists get down on astrology?

Why is everyone so messed up?

Are there dangers to astrology?

Why is the Bible against astrology?

What is Varuna?

What can you tell me about asteroids?

What's the whole deal with retrograde planets? I read all kinds of conflicting things about them, and they make no sense in my chart.

What is the relationship between retrograde planets and the progressed horoscope?

I am adopted. What does astrology have to say about this? And how can I get my correct birth time?

What happens when you get a chart wrong, as in the wrong time or date? Is the reading inaccurate?

Go back a few notches -- what is a progressed horoscope? And aren't there two different kinds of progressions? Which is right?

Speaking of two different kinds of things, I've heard that in India, a different zodiac is used, and that it points to the actual constellations, which makes me wonder whether our zodiac is accurate. What's the story?

How did you get into all of this?

I am stuck inside a cubicle right now. Do I exist?

Who was Patric Walker?

How do newspaper horoscopes work?

Is it possible to read your own astrology?

Am I Queer?

Is it possible for me to become an astrologer or horoscope writer? Learning astrology seems to take so long.

I've been studying astrology since [1953] [1969] [1977] [1985] [1991] [1998] [2001] and I don't seem to be getting anywhere. I can't even read a chart. What's going wrong?

I can read a chart, but I don't feel confident working with people, and I would really like to. What should I do?

I want to work with Chiron, but can't find an ephemeris that includes it.

Slow down. What is an ephemeris?

Where can I get my chart cast cheap?

What if I need a more detailed chart -- such as one that includes asteroids, the Witte points (TNPs or Uranians), Centaurs, lots of Arabic parts, or other strange things?

Can I use astrology to figure out my boyfriend or girlfriend (husband or wife)?

Is astrology a religion?

What is Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey?

What is your opinion on therapy?

What is the Great Attractor?

Why do you write so much about polyamory and masturbation?

Tell me a really weird story from your experiences with astrology.

Is it ethical to charge money for Tarot and astrology readings? Why do some people say it's not?

Is the church a secret government? Or just a bunch of dorks?

What is the difference between an astrological reading and astrological counseling?

You mention A Course in Miracles every now and then. What is this Course and what is your involvement with it?

What about twins? They're born really close together and have the same chart.

How do newspaper horoscopes work?

You talk a lot about Chiron in your writing. Can you sum this up in a nutshell?

What about Pholus and Nessus?

What is the difference between an asteroid and a centaur planet?

If you're working with a chart and using all these asteroids and other planets and progressions, how is it possible to keep it all straight?

Tell me another really weird story from your experiences with astrology.

I have an intercepted sign in my chart. What does this mean?

What is the association between Scorpio and sex? What about the other signs, like Leo?

My chart is screaming LIVE ME! Now what?

What's the story with house systems and why is there such a controversy over it?

What is the relationship between astrology and other divination methods like Tarot, I Ching and others?

Why is the world so fucked up? Can astrology help us figure it out or improve things?

Why is anger imporant?

Why is this web page so disorganized?

For an astrologer, you seem to write an awful lot about PCBs and dioxins. What's the ten cent version of how you got into that? Did you really win a free speech lawsuit against the government?

Why are my parents such raging idiots?

Are things getting better or worse?

Do relationship readings work?

Do you really believe in astrology?

What is compersion?

Where can I get decent astrology books, and, in particular, have an informed discussion with an intelligent person on the subject of what books are available?

Are astrology conferences worth going to?

I am an incest survivor. Is my emotional life ruined forever, and is there any way that astrrology can provide insight into my situation?

I keep getting raped. Is it my fault?

I don't have any money but I would like an astrology reading. Can you help?

What the fuck is the Age of Aquarius?

What are the Transneptunian Points, or Uranians?

I've gotten a bad astrology reading, or was told negative things by an astrologer and feel like this is haunting my life. What can I do about this?

Does astrology cause events, or is it working some other way?

I am wondering what to do with my life and am hoping that astrology can provide some answers. Is there any hope?

What is death?

Sign Details - An Introduction
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House Details - An Introduction
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Planet Details - An Introduction
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The Ascendant

The Meridian

Mercury, Venus

Mars and Volition

Saturn, Chiron and Uranus

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Neptune and Pluto

The Kuiper Belt

The Centaurs

The Asteroids

The Lunar Nodes

The Transneptunian Points


The Arabic Parts

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