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by Eric Francis

May 2002

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When the fabric of spacetime is intact, we seem to be riding along within its seamless mesh, unaware that it even exists. Spacetime is the four-dimensional reality that you get when you combine the three dimensions of physical space with the fourth dimension, usually considered to be time (not quite, but close enough*). Conceptualizing reality as four-dimensional is as different from what we typically know of as would be moving your residence from a square to a cube. This is more than just getting a nicer apartment. (And it seems this is only the beginning of a dimension shift that is now engulfing the planet, which most people who ponder this say is moving from the fourth to the fifth dimensions.) While spacetime may seem, for the most part, and from the viewpoint of 'normal consciousness', to be fully intact, it is by no means consistent, either in terms of its spatial reality, or its concentrations of energy in different points along the way. And there are plenty of leaks, windows, doors, portals and mirrors.

If you are having difficulty grasping this whole concept of spacetime, perhaps think of it this way. We all live on the Earth (well, most of us). The Earth is not stationary; it is moving, and we are not really aware of its motion. But that motion, invisible as it is, and seemingly outside the bounds of other sensation, is really happening. And its movement is not without effects, nor without very different scenery at different points on the journey, and the scenery itself is moving, too. The movement factor is what we might call four-dimensionalty -- it is experience in three dimensions, but animated by time. But it is not merely the scenery that changes -- what is moving are experience, the rate of time, the concentration of events, the probability of events, and the feeling or sense of our experience here, all of which change depending on where we are in relationship to everything else. A good metaphor is how the Earth and the visible planets have moved into a position such that we can see them in the 'string of pearls' effect evenings in the western sky.

It's such a good metaphor that... astrology works. Many people have asked what the effect of all those planets lining up is, and the basic answer is that we are experiencing a concentration of energy with a corresponding warp or bend in spacetime that is associated with the experiences, changes, losses and gains we are now moving through. It is neither true nor false to say that the planets aligned this way cause these experiences or feelings; with astrology, we stand well outside of dialectical reason (astrology is circular, and deals with hundreds of different polaraities), as well as the (illusory) world of absolute right and wrong, or simple cause and effect. The planets themselves are definitely involved in the process on some kind of causal level, but they are also living symbols and metaphors (known variously as archetypes, gods, goddesses, spirits and so on -- or as facets of our inner world, aspects of soul and/or personality) with which we are in an ongoing dialog and negotiation process. But the discussion is happening as a combination of experience, creative process, reasoning, feeling, imagination and what feels like fate. And it is all, to a large measure, dependent upon the perceptual tool known as your astrology chart, since the planets align with each of our charts differently, marking off different cycles and stages of growth for different people at different times.

Until today, the main (visible) focus of energy stretched from Aries (where the Sun was until this morning) through Cancer (where Jupiter is, and where the Moon recently passed by; as of Saturday, April 20, it is in Leo, just past first quarter phase). Last week, the Moon and the Earth aligned with the main action, swooping our awareness past the Saturn-Pluto opposition and then the Jupiter-Chiron opposition. If you are wondering what you went through, that was it; this great, close-by mass of energy we call the Moon pulled our awareness (emotions, security base, etc.) right into the direction of these intense aspects, blowing a lot of issues out of proportion but also having a clarifying effect, as if the contrast on reality was turned up. Jupiter-Chiron, by the way, was exact for the third and final time this past week, and is now still within a couple of arcminutes (fractions of a degree) in line, across the 10th degree of Cancer/Capricorn.

The Sun's movement into Taurus today further concentrates the energy. By April 29, the Moon is back in line with Pluto-Saturn (we will feel this as an energy surge or hurl, no doubt) as the Sun seems to move closer to Saturn in Gemini (remember, the Earth is moving relative to the Sun, making the Sun seem to move... but since all motion is relative, it amounts to pretty much the same thing). Meanwhile, Venus and Mars are gathering for an exact conjunction (an occultation, or planetary eclipse) in Gemini, soon to be joined by Mercury. Mercury, for its part, is about to go retrograde, which adds a massive swirl of energy to the mix, and will confuse the living daylights out of some people, while being highly entertaining to the planetary roller-coaster freaks, cosmic bungee jumpers and dimension-shift junkies.

The whole show culminates in a total eclipse of the Sun on June 10th. Eclipses are their own breed of cat, during which the Sun, the Moon and in this case lots of other stuff align with something called the lunar node, which acts like a standing wave pattern in the fabric of spacetime seeming to bridge the past and the future, just waiting for an eclipse (or unsuspecting planet) to come along; I cover this eclipse in the current essay, with this corresponding schedule of events. For those interested in the lunar nodes, I attempt to clarify in this article. If you are curious about eclipses, here is a Google index of references to them on, mostly written in 1999 in honor of The Big One from Aug. 11 of that year, and here, on (much less material). And now, on with the May horoscope.


* Footnote. It is difficult to perceive the full reality of one dimension from the viewpoint of another. For example, if you are a two-dimensional being with only length and width, you would experience a three-dimensional object passing through your dimension as being as a "slice" of itself. A carrot reaching through 2-D would appear like an orange disk, seeming to change sizes as it moved up and down, and perhaps turning to a little green circle if you were looking at the stem. But in 2-D it would be impossible to see the whole 3-D carrot. It works the same way experiencing the fourth and fifth dimensions here in 3-D. Hence, if what we call time is the fourth dimension but we are experiencing it in the third dimension, we will have an incomplete picture of time, lacking its full dimensionality. Hence, we perceive time as a thread, or a tunnel. It may be for this reason that people who can experience the full (or greater) dimensionality of time can reach into the past and the future, as well as into alternate futures. My sense is that astrology, with its numerous cycles that can be read as overlapping 'shapes of time', where numerous synchronicities are visible, provides a more complex and accurate model of time than does, for example, a clock.


Misty B. Phone Home!

Sign dates below are approximate. They now overlap by one day. The date and time of the Sun's ingress to the new sign changes a little each year, so please check with an astrologer if you want the exact position of your Sun, and while you're at it, your rising sign -- this horoscope is written for both your Sun and rising signs. If you find that some other sign's interpretations work for you, then go for it.

Aries (March 20-April 21)
How you feel is more important than what you think. This distinction cannot be pointed to often enough, and it can only be learned through deep self-reflection. Now, however, the difference is rather glaring. What you think is likely to change a lot, and there may seem to be at least a dozen viewpoints to every issue, none of which are quite true. How you feel, on the other hand, is likely to be more stable, gentle and come with the sense that you are guided and protected by a spiritual force that is intelligent, benefic and, most of all, revolutionary. Your thoughts are likely to lead you nowhere this month. Your feelings can guide you to some amazing places or significant achievements. It will be worth studying the differences.

Taurus (April 21-May 20)
Do you question everything you do? Do you need to? You are prone to unexpected fluctuation more than you think. The rock-solid, stable nature of Taurus is more of an identity than a reality, and more a reaction than a cause of action. That there are two very distinct aspects to who you are goes without saying. But now you're likely to be aware of as many as a dozen separate parts or inner facets that are vying for the number one spot in your world. There is also one huge, wide-open space within, a slowly-emerging core mystery like none you have ever confronted, perhaps scary, perhaps enticing, that is more deserving of your attention and dedication.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
The gods of change are upon you. What is it about yourself that you've wanted to adjust, revamp or recreate for years? Now is the time to begin again. That you may have failed in the past is inconsequential. What matters most is that you simply understand that progress is both necessary and inevitable, and that you commit yourself to doing whatever it takes to facilitate your own movement. You may think you lack the resources, but I assure you that you do not, and that there will be handsome rewards for your efforts. Neither do you lack the focus or power of will. Acquiescence, letting things ride or ignoring your deepest inner voice will serve you not at all. And remember, change has two parts, letting go of the old, and embracing the new.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
All your life you have been goaded by fears of a world of good and evil. Few people experience such a powerful force of opposition in their cosmic schema, even though the theme of struggle between the dark and light sides populates most of film, television and fantasy. These distinctions are now blurring, which may be another source of fear; our conception of reality is the main thing that keeps us feeling safe, even though that conception itself may not offer safety. Your fears, your imagined thoughts, your desires and most of all your idea of bliss are now taking on new tones and colors. You are safe, if you allow them to be what they are, and listen to their voices.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 22)
It would be easy for all the activity around you to call you out of your focus on yourself, and in case you need to be reminded, you are not two people. But you can also put this to use, and remain in your center from one circumstance to the next, from one human encounter to the next, by defining yourself on your own terms and not based on the agendas of those around you. This would be really excellent practice for the next month, because a little later in the Spring you are moving straight toward a key defining moment in your life, one in which you stand apart from your peers and elders in way that is based on your deepest dreams and wishes that -- for whatever reason -- you have somehow ignored much of your life.

Virgo (Aug. 22-Sep. 22)
You don't have to go it alone. I can't help but get the feeling that you're toying with the belief that it's lonely at the top, lonely if we are aware people, and lonely in general. At its source, this is not your belief, and it's not a toy. It is a dangerous thought because it undermines your sanity, your security and your sense of stability. It comes from somewhere, or someone else, definitely the past, far away, and far beyond the truth you hold in your heart. There is something about you that is most certainly different, distinctive and ahead of your time. There is something of a true leader emerging within you. But that does not add up to alone.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)
Librans are not, I feel secure generalizing, known for taking outrageous risks. But then it's never been May 2002 before. You're likely to feel overwhelmed by what you know is possible, what you suspect may be true, and sensing frustrating limits on what you think the world will tolerate. The risk comes in the form of what you accept into your mind. Be aware every time you use the word "believe." Beliefs are quite arbitrary and usually exist to protect belief systems, having little or nothing to do with what is true. The questions you can ask, and maybe even answer, are whether these belief systems serve you at all, where they came from, and what truth they are concealing or "protecting" you from. Reality is indeed a kind of wild dare.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
I see a lot of buying and selling in your chart this month, and a lot of discussion over what the true value of certain people, things and ideas is in your life. I suggest you take it slowly and not use your sense of either flux or chaos to entice you into making key decisions before you know what is really happening, or where certain people stand. Two months from now, what seemed true today is likely to feel mysteriously long-outdated. To protect yourself from bad decisions, it would he helpful to either do nothing or gather information when you're confused, rather than acting in a lurch. If information is what you want, it's obvious that there's plenty to be collected, but new facts will have an impact on the old ones. Taking detailed notes will help -- you're not likely to remember much.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22)
You are you. You are actually yourself. I am not exactly sure how to make this point any more clear, except to repeat it a few times and to encourage you to spend a lot of time getting away from it all during the coming month. It would be helpful if you would track the movements of your inner world, and allow this enormous wave of energy you're facing to move through your life. It will pass, though not immediately (the real turning point, particularly with partners, is the second week of June). What you're experiencing now is the culmination of many years of accumulated subject matter, you know, karma, issues, and other material. People besides yourself may seem to be the theme, but they are really just a distraction now. It may be difficult to tell friend from foe, love from hate, loss from gain. But there is a difference, and the only way to know what is what is to give yourself time and space.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)
You need to take better care of yourself. I am not talking so much about health food as I am about allowing your mind to clear from time to time, and slowing down when the pace of your life seems to go beyond your control. It would be wise to examine whether the necessity that seems to be driving you is really valid or based in any truth at all. That which is based on a regret, or the remotest sense of shame about who you are, could be called false motivation. I know that toil and labor come as second nature to you, but now would be a very good time to reconsider that policy on a lifetime basis. A state of near-permanent strain is not good for the soul. Loving effort, seeking cooperation and knowing when to give up are much healthier.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
We could all use new ides about women, especially women. Years of rule by men have often forced the female species into using let's say far from direct means to attain and acquire what it needs. Now, cosmic forces are begging for directness, ingenuity and a clear strategy for improving the world and improving the quality of life in relationships. There is literally no limit to the influence you can have in this aspect of culture, and your private world. Ideas you have been thinking about for years about how men and women can relate honestly and clearly are now arriving in a time and place where they are necessary, and where they can help tip the balance of power toward peace in a world that is being increasingly consumed by war.

Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)
A few months ago I brought up the matter of taking a step away from what your parents taught you about yourself, though now this has come to the forefront of your life. I would say that a position of "no compromises" would be the most fair and direct way to resolve the issue. The temptation to serve both their worldview and your own may be extremely strong, but it's gotten to the point where there is no sane or worthwhile place the two intersect. These will be a very busy two months for you, but they will be easier, more productive and more profitable if you bear in mind what you were told about yourself and the world in which you live, and let your own achievements, feelings, choices and actions serve as testament that there is so much more.

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