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September 5 - September 17, 2002

Above, Mayan symbol Ahau, from a series by Carol

THIS REPORT WORKS WITH THE MAYAN TZOLKIN CALENDAR and the cycle of "Sacred Time." It is about working with the essence or quality of time and space and the archetypal energies associated with our journey through it. This is not an idea that belongs exclusively to some ancient Mesoamerican culture; it is about learning to go outside of a system that has boxed you in with an idea of time that is an inaccurate and cold representation of nature. Do you like being told when and how to celebrate the cycles of nature? And what’s the deal with New Years day being the first day of January? Or the cockeyed way our months are numbered, and then there is this thing we do to slice and dice and bandage things up called "leap year!" Face it kids, when it comes to this whole idea of "time-keeping" we have gotten ourselves way out of whack. Fortunately there are older and more elegant methods of exploring time that have been preserved.

There is something very natural about learning to use a calendar that moves in ripples or waves rather than seeing everything as linear. To learn to feel the way we move through time, not moving from here to there, but vibrating in the now. This is a calendar that will help you understand how time and space unfold, and how to dance to those rhythms. The system is based on a sequence of symbols; they run in several different cycles. Sometimes two cycles will correspond with the same symbol, or make other, more complex patterns that can be considered.

I can only show you images and present ideas that may help you see the choices on this path. This is a solo journey about you and your experience. It is about learning to make a connection to life that works with energy, so I would suggest that you not to get attached to these interpretations or definitions. Let everything flow through you as if you were a ripple in a pond. In other words, step outside the mind into a wider sense of nature.

For a visual key to each glyph in the 260 day Tzolkin calendar cycle, please check out this interactive calendar.

Thursday, September 5, 2002 begins a new 13 day time-pulse in the cycle of sacred time. This is the pulse of AHAU, depiected above, and is about the enlightened ones, the ancestors, the dreamers. This will be a time that holds great potential for shifts in consciousness and the transformation of ancient wounds. During this pulse you will want to get a sense of your own abilities to shed light. This time period is about expansion and flowering; it will be about the expressions of the Sun and how you can manifest this solar consciousness through your relationships. When you learn how to manage your idealism of what is possible and what can be accomplished, you will become clear on what steps it will take to move forward in your potential and be centered in that power.

The first day of the pulse, HUN is the point that magnetizes this entire13 day period. It is a point where the power of AHAU is doubled. This is an important day for setting your intentions. Be clear on what it is you want to manifest and write it down to help with that clarity. This is a very important step in working with the experiential qualities of the time-pulse.

On the second day of the pulse, CA you will want to deepen your bond to the Earth. It is the Mayan day of 2 IMIX, and it is the Virgo Mew Moon. This is a day that has to do with the kind of challenges you may experience during this 13 day "week." Be aware of what comes up in the form of resistances, inner and outer. The glyph of IMIX represents the primeval Mother and today the presence of the Divine Feminine will be strong, as will your desire to do something for and of the Earth. Even a walk around the block can become your own private pilgrimage. Make that connection through IMIX and it will lighten your burden and free your mind and body. Anything that helps you to ground your reality and feel the stones of the Earth and richness of the soil today and for the first four days of the pulse, will be very important as we are entering a time period that carries very high energies.

The Third day, OX is the Mayan day of 3 IK, "Divine Wind." This day, September 7, is when Chiron, the planet that represents Shamanism, stations direct. You will begin to see and feel the clarity of where you are going and now know how to manage these new directions that up until this point were only felt as impressions. Allow for this healing potential to envelope you on all levels. This is a day of deep spiritual communication and if you can learn to be attentive to the wind you will notice the difference between a breeze that carries information and one that does not. ‘Talk to the Wind" and listen to what it says, you will be surprised.

During the evening and early morning hours of 3 IK (depicted in the image above) and 4 AKBAL (Sept 7-8) you would be wise to take some time for meditation and reflection. This is a time to watch for messages that will help direct you in the coming days. The fourth day, CAN AKBAL, is what is called a "Portal day" in the Mayan Tzolkin. There are 52 portal days in the calendar and show the integration and merging of two cycles. On these days you will feel the veils become thinner between worlds. AKBAL is the glyph that connects us to the night and the dreamtime, is the point in the pulse that anchors your intention into the four directions and brings these deep outer sensations into your immediate conscious reality. Pay attention to your dreams!!

The day that is the most auspicious in any Mayan time-pulse, is the Seventh day, UC. In this pulse this day is seven CIMI and falls on September 11, 2002. CIMI is the glyph of transmutation of old to new. Seven is the center of 13 and is a day where you will feel as though you are walking between worlds. It will be a powerful day to leave what is past behind and to let go and move on to the potentials that lie within the future. It is a place between spirit and body where all of your intentions can re-emerge into a new reality. This is a key point in Mayan timekeeping and the importance and potentiality of this day cannot be emphasized enough.

Because September 11 is connected to the numerological and mystic power of Seven, and is the anniversary of the bombing of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, it holds the potential for enormous healing. But, as in all wounding, one must learn to let go of the pain that can be held in the imprint of time and space. It is difficult to forgive and let go of grief. This is the primary meaning of the glyph CIMI. It is important to remember that we can heal all wounds by re-creating what we "think" happened and then surrendering to the new vision by letting go of the old. Today you will have a decision to make about how you direct your thoughts. Where is your energy and where is your focus? On this most powerful day of transformation and healing we have two clear options, which boil down to the choice of being in a state of love or fear. This always true, but what the daycount says is that the choice itself will be more apparent that day.

In the days following 9/11/02 and especially on Saturday, September 14th, you will begin to feel the effect of Mercury going retrograde in the astrological sign of balance, Libra. This is the 10th day of the time-pulse, and a day where you will have an even deeper sense of where you are going and how to get there. You will find yourself with the tools needed to carry out your goals. This is THE day of manifestation in the pulse of 13. But what you are trying to manifest now may not come easy. Be patient with yourself and with other.

Because of the apparent backwards motion of Mercury (lasting until the New Moon in Libra), you will need to carry out your intentions in a more reflective fashion. Go within and see yourself from the inside/out. This is not going to be an obvious unfolding of your intentions. The Mayan glyph for this day is 10 MULUC, the Moon. It will be important for you to use this time wisely, and there will be a sense of "going back in time," which will allow you an opportunity to re-think any issue that may have been unclear up to this point. This may be a day of deep emotions, as the qualities of the MULUC have to do with purification and the "Karmic waters" that are associated with the Moon. As always, allow yourself some time for cleansing and renewal.

On the last day of this time- pulse, 13 EB, there will be a waxing Gibbous Moon in Aquarius, associated with a sense of being surrounded by a community that is willing to support your new vision. If they are not there now, they will be. These will be people and ideals that this pulse has initiated and brought into your life. By the time of the Full Moon, which will happen during the next pulse of BEN (the cosmic voyager), you will have had some clear revelation and understanding of what are the next steps you will need to take to make this vision real. Once you open to the flowering possibilities of the pulse of AHAU and you will feel blessed and nurtured on many levels.

Additional information on the Mayan calendar can be found here, at my web site: http://www.galacticalchemy.com

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