Illustration by Sandro Kopp

Aspects of My Sex
by Maya Dexter

I have a cunt
Angry and hungry
Red like Kali
Insatiable, desperate
To be consumed
Split wide
Down the middle
Shining and open
Like the ravenous Sun.

I have a pussy
Lickable liquid
A choreographed fantasy
Of scripted lust
And perfect sounds
To be fucked
Slit open
Like the crescent moon.

I have a vulva
Pristine and pink
To be spread carefully,
Made love to
By gentle flesh
Open, warm
And round
Like the fertile earth.

I have a yoni
Perfect and passionate
A glistening mandala
To be worshipped by
High priests and priestesses
And my own sacred hands
In infinite ecstasy
Like the goddess.

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