The Birth of the Cosmic Child
Introduction to the Planet Waves December Articles

By Jeanne Treadway

        A change is slow in coming
        My eyes can scarcely see
        The rays of hope come streaming
        Through the smoke of apathy

        But oh my heart be strong
        And guide when eyes grow dim
        When ears grow deaf with empty words
        When I know there's life within

        May the spirit never die
        Though a troubled heart feels pain
        When this long winter is over
        It will blossom once again

          Loreena McKennitt

EVERY CHILD IS the result of at least one orgasm. If our mothers don't tell us about their sexual experiences, we have no way of knowing whether we are a result of joyous sex, rape, or just plain old missionary style wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am. There is a remarkable silence on the subject of parental sex, especially in the United States where we still haven't outgrown our Puritan beginnings.

Why don't we want to consider our parents as sexual beings? Why don't they want to acknowledge an obvious fact? Sex continues to be conversationally taboo, only to be spoken of in euphemisms and under the cover of darkness, pun intended. Yet, every human being is the result of some form of sex, unless you are a test-tube baby or a new savior.

Jesus is not the only child of a god to be born to a virgin mother. The cultures of the world abound with stories nearly identical to those found in the New Testament of the Christians. Winter Solstice is often the time of birth for these sacred children, probably because after that date, the Sun begins growing in strength until the Summer Solstice. This sacred solstice child represents the renewal of hope for the world, the promise from the Unknowable that life returns, that Spring is coming, that light will release us from the Winter and that creativity is alive and thriving, even in darkness.

"Did Your Mother Come Too?" and "Birth of the Sacred Child" are the topics the Planet Waves artists and writers chose for this December issue. There are ten articles exploring these two concepts, plus an assortment of other delectables. We trust you will find them all entertaining and enlightening. May your holiday season be one of joy, renewal, and love.++

Jeanne E. Treadway
Articles Editor, December Planet Waves

We wish to thank Pam Purdy, Giovanna Coppola, Tracy Delaney and Jordan Laughlin for their editing, research and layout contributions to this edition, and everyone else whose contributions, large and small, made this issue possible.

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