Hermissenda NudiBranch, Vancover Island, BC. Photo by Bev Dulis waterworksdesign.net

the force
By Andie Holman

selfish puppeteers ten young men
with self-indulgent ways
twist the strings a little tighter
those fooled will start to sway

I believed your spoiled filth
oh, damaged goods you sighed
aware of your influence over me
you poisoned with a friendly guise

it pained you all to watch me bloom
knowing none would touch your ground
giving a chastity belt of shame
you curse all the pleasures I’ve found

you planted the seeds of guilt and disorder
I was so beautifully green
awkward in my fresh young flesh
you rob me of a sensual dream

you resent me for what I do to you
I am unavailable skirt
all of your frustrated wants
stain my soul with intentional hurt

I recognise your reptilian tribe
cold men with rough lust eyes
no care for my thoughts or longings at all
your gaze burns my vulnerable thighs

I couldn’t understand the rules
It took years to see your game
keeping score of unsuspecting girls
another notch in your sick belt of fame

your undeserved authority has come to an end
I reclaim what is rightfully mine
the truth released from invisible chains
I honour my powerful sweet shrine

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