Puget Sound King Crab, Vancover Island, BC. Photo by Bev Dulis waterworksdesign.net

Divine Right of Kings
By Jennifer Wilks Christian

and in her robes of fire
she emerged from the waters


glowing with the white-hot
purity of the brightest flame
fluid like a molten metal
dripping out of its cold form
magnetic like the draw of the embers
long after the blaze has burnt down into the night

orange is her attraction and desire
orange is her advance and retreat
soothing, powerful and as sure as the setting sun
she radiates and shines
embracing all into the whole
before slipping effortlessly into the new cycle
leaving her path etched into hearts and minds
she leads from behind

and fearless as the flow of lava
she burns a path to create the new form
without attachment
for she is whole, complete and entire
a master of self


and in her waves of shimmering light
she reflected a million stars,
knowing each of their stories as her own


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