Red Irish Lord, Cape Flattery, WA. Photo by Bev Dulis

Death & the Underworld
(with apologies to J. Hillman)
By Kathy Garner

Gone willingly?
tempting box
Bejeweled lid
juice inside
music too
dripping hot
the smallest look
beneath the lid
drew me in
cast me down
dark and damp
moist brown soil
deep inside
her crumbs surround
smell of life
sweet soil, my love
drops sucked by you
expand your girth
embracing me
crumbs, the clods and tendril of
twisted roots, fine-haired strands
tickle my nose
Dervished swirl
All passion’d kissed
And sweaty brow
Has set me now
Upright in soil
La tierra not-so-firm
Around me moves
As I push through
My darkness

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