'Angel Warrior' By Steven L. Fornal

War: Perfect As Is
Diana Hay

I AM A MEMBER of an on-line chat group that seems to be completely compiled of anti-war peaceniks. I, on the other hand, am in the military. No, I don’t fit in with the rest of my war-mongering peers in the military, but I don’t quite fit with the "everything-is-a-conspiracy-all-we-see-are-lies-from-the-media" folks either. I personally believe that inside every lie is a grain of truth and inside every truth is a grain of lie. That is, until we get to the Ultimate Truth which has no opposite. Unfortunately, I seem to not be There yet.

Our chat group began discussing what the "War Within" felt like and how the outside war activated that feeling. As I read other’s postings, I felt a definite stirring inside myself. Yes, I am at war with myself. The truth of that became undeniable and somehow embraceable. Knowing that I wage war inside myself every moment, knowing that others do the same, made it easy to correlate the internal state with the external state. After all, "as within, so without." Instead of feeling the deep, dark, eternal depression that war is inevitable, I felt instead that the power to erase war forever, is now within my power. If I can feel the war inside and see the results outside, then I can make a change. I have discovered the causal relationship. Yes, the cause is ME. I think it, I feel it, I project it and then I reap the "rewards" of it. The war within IS the war without, enlarged to a size undeniable by any.

Now, I have to tell you that I am very grateful for this war. This war, along with 9-11 and all the changes that came about because of these actions, is the catalyst to change the world finally forever. When I very first heard the news about 9-11, my initial, unedited thought and feeling was, "thank god, it is finally here!" I knew in my Soul that the attack on American soil was the beginning of the end for war and violence on this planet. The current phase of the journey may be long and arduous, but the end result will definitely be peace on Earth.

I no longer believe in good and bad, right and wrong, light and dark. I believe ALL is ONE. Call that One God, Goddess, Hydrogen, Allah, Mohammed, Lilith, Mary, Yahweh, Tao or whatever name you want to call it. My personal knowing is that the belief in more than one power is the cause of war. Believing in right and wrong will always and forever result in a war between right and wrong. There is no right and wrong, there is only the BELIEF in right and wrong. There is only the JUDGMENT of right and wrong. Life simply IS. What IS simply IS. There is nothing inherently right or wrong about anything in the Universe. But, judgment and belief polarizes us to the side of "right" or "wrong" and this internal action will forever and always result in war on the inside and the outside.

The Earth was not ready to accept the idea of self-inflicted war during Desert Storm, but the people of the Earth are ready now. The Gulf War Revisited is occurring for the sole purpose of awakening all the inhabitants of Mother Earth to the fact that we started it and we can end it. The idea started with a little irritation, grew to a little anger, blossomed into rage and burst out into uncontrollable action called war. The same action occurs inside us. We do this with our minds - thoughts, feelings, emotions - and then actions. We deny love. We believe we are unworthy. All the while our Souls inside us know it is an illusion of our minds. So our loving Souls show us even more examples of what is going on inside us until we realize the correlation and awaken from our self-imposed nightmare. The answer is simple. Quit waging war inside and there will be no war outside. Quit hating self and there can be no hate for others. Quit fighting self and there can be no fighting others. Our actions are the result of our beliefs. To change our actions, we must change what we believe.

Because of all the wonderful enlightenments that have happened and are happening because of the war, I am very grateful for the war. I am "pro-war" because it is the only way to see peace. The only reason we can discern light is because there is darkness. That does not make darkness wrong, nor does it make light wrong. Both are perfect exactly as they are, serving their purpose for all of the cosmos. War is perfect just as it is. If there were no war, the dualistic consciousness of humankind would not be able to discern peace. Our young godling consciousness is just now awakening to the knowing that we ourselves are the Masters of our own fates. We must see all the possibilities, all the opposites until we realize that the prism causing the split is our own minds.

Yes, I am pro-war, because it is the first step towards peace.++


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