Adrianna Holman

STAPHYSAGRIA IS A homeopathic remedy made from the seeds of the Delphinium Staphisagria, which has lovely purple-blue flowers, and in its raw form is highly poisonous, historically used to kill vermin. The homeopathic remedy, through its preparation, is no longer toxic yet remains extremely powerful. This remedy highlights ferocity in human emotion which society has tried to groom out of us. It is frowned upon when we have angry or passionate outbursts. We are supposed to ‘control ourselves’ and ‘get hold of our emotions’. What do we do when rage thunders through our bodies? If we show it, we are considered uncivilized. If we suppress it… where does it go?

Staphyagria is often an indicated remedy when there is a history of abuse. This can either be physical, sexual or emotional misuse of power and the sufferer generally does not have the ability to fight back for whatever reason. When someone is defenceless, and has to suffer abuse, there will often be tremendous anger and humiliation. The emotional state is one of great indignation about the things suffered, and can result in deep guilt and shame, although it is not the victim’s fault. If these feelings are not addressed, they can lead to trembling from anger, which, over time, may result in an unleashing of rage. People will tolerate abuse for only so long until they fight back with whatever means they have.

Imagine a mild, gentle woman who does everything right according to society, never makes a rude gesture or comment, smiles all the time and generally denies any ‘negative’ emotions in herself. Then, one day, supposedly out of the blue, she snaps. She snatches up the treasured wedding china and starts whipping it at her abusive husband’s head. She is shaking with old fury and has to release it somehow. Destroying something precious further exemplifies the strength of her temper. After all, throwing a roll of toilet paper across the room isn’t nearly so satisfying. She may be mortified after her outburst and slide right back into the acquiescent role she is used to playing. Or, she will get her coat and leave. She has a choice.

What happens to the victims of war, which is a mental, emotional and often sexual form of abuse? What happens to the children who have lost everything and everyone dear to them? My point being, what happens to the inevitable rage? The amount of suppression in Iraq under Saddam cannot be denied. Indeed these people have been liberated from a terribly oppressive regime. However, the US should be strongly cautioned against imposing a puppet government in the power vacuum. After all, the question remains. Who will be the target when the wrath is finally released?++

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