Just Say No
Adrianna Holman

HAVE YOU EVER read the tiny print at the bottom of an ad for a new miracle drug? Ever really listened to the disclaimer at the end of the TV ad saying "may cause vomiting, nausea, headache, stomach ulcers, drowsiness, insomnia, sexual dysfunction." Oh, well, that's okay, the original problem is gone, but you're left with horrendous side effects. Then you read about the recent medical trials claiming that this ancient herbal remedy or that nutritional supplement has "proven to cause cancer in lab rats." When I investigate these official studies, more often than not they have exceeded the recommended human dose by so much I'm surprised the rats didn't die immediately.

I don't have a problem with drugs when used appropriately. In fact, there are times where medication is absolutely necessary. What concerns me is the way drugs are prescribed with little attention given to lifestyle or root cause. When waiting to see the doctor, in a fragile place of being frightened and in pain, a person will accept the burden of medication because there seems to be no option. I don't blame the doctors. Generally speaking, they do not have the time to counsel on nutrition, exercise, or emotional difficulties. Now, I don't want to go back to the times before penicillin. I admire the fact that we can do open heart surgeries and organ transplants. The science and technology of modern medicine is absolutely brilliant. If I break my leg, I want a skilled physician to put it right. If I have a laceration and I'm gushing blood, I'm calling an ambulance. I'll let my homeopath know after they've stitched me up, and he will prescribe a remedy to help me recover from the trauma.

The power to heal does not lie in the hands of the pharmaceutical companies. The drugs have to ability to cause incredible chemical reactions, making one symptom go away but often two more will take its place. Most medications do not actually cure or get to the root of the problem; they simply mask the symptoms. Many of my patients come to me after they have exhausted their drug options. They take this one for the original blood pressure problem, then this one for the stomach pain the first drug caused, then another drug for the constipation caused by the stomach drug, and yet more and more until one day the person wakes up rattling with pills and realizes this just isn't right. Then I go through the process of building up the body's vitality again after years of it being whipped by toxic chemicals. So surely my prescribing homeopathic remedies and herbal tinctures is the same principle as a handful of drugs, right? Not so. The remedies I give stimulate the immune system to heal the body, not suppress its action. I am shining a spotlight on where it needs to pay particular attention.

Drugs are a huge industry, fueled by big bucks, preying on people's fears. We have become brainwashed into believing these drugs can make all ills go away. This is simply not true. Changes in diet alone can make a dramatic improvement to people's health. If you nourish the immune system, and feed under functioning organs, the body will respond with better health. If you find a counselor to help you with an emotional problem, you can make connections and get out of the dark cloud. Drugs have their place-as a last resort. See what you can do with the science of nature before assuming the chemicals of man are superior. ++

Adrianna Holman is a Registered member of the Society of Homeopaths in England. See her website www.homeopath.moonfruit.com for more information and online consultations.

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