Graphic: "Shine On Leo Moon" by Clay Landacre.

Personal Drama

By Cassia Landacre

ACCORDING TO MY astrological chart, I am a Leo Moon, Mars in Leo, Uranus in Leo and Leo in the 8th house. Fire? Drama? I like to call it exuberance, a love for life.. Unfortunately, I do get tripped up on ego issues. It's like having toilet paper stuck on the bottom of my shoe and well, hey, on the runway of life, I am always the last one to know. After years of therapy and years of serial monogamous relationships, I have decided to move onto something bigger and better in my personal dramas.

I try not to have them any more.

Many of my old wounds wore me so thin that they actually grew tired of me. I gave them to Goodwill along with the rest of my belongings when I said, "Screw this crazy, 9 to 5 world!" and moved to rural West Virginia five years ago. I now live at a nudist resort and although I am married, I am polyamorous. One day, one of my neighbors commented that as nudists we are all exhibitionists at heart. I responded with a surprised expression. (Again, I am the last to find out) I thought I was here to just feel free. Unfortunately, some of those old wounds keep showing up; nude and all.

I guess there is and always will be a part of me that likes to shock people. Unfortunately, having issues of desiring connection doesn't work well with this tendency to shock others. Today, I have tamed it somewhat by focusing and writing on such trivial and inconsequential topics as: finding God through oral sex, empowering the female sexually by encouraging male passivity, or suggesting that we create our own reality and we are not victims in life. I got tired of looking at the world through the eyes of the mass media. I chose to create an alternative reality. My reality feels a lot better now and to some I may seem a bit dramatic. I tell them come on in, the waters fine. It's all an illusion anyway.++


Cassia Landacre
The Alternative Reality Press


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