Mystic Healing Art by Mystic Artist Mr Oscar Basurto
Healing through Conscious Choice

By Cassia Landacre

DURING MY SHIATSU practice, I found that most of my first-time clients came to me when they were hurt or ill, rather than seeking assistance in maintaining their health when they felt fine. One of the first topics I discussed with them was that I was there to co-create a space for healing. Many would ask if I could "fix" them, my reply was that I could not; I could provide techniques that gave relief, but the healing response was up to them. After the initial pain or trauma healed, they soon discovered the mind body connection in a way that meant something personal to them. They began to link how their thoughts manifested within their bodies.

During each session I would take the time to talk to my client, asking questions about their past and present as well as their hopes for the future. Before I began the treatment, I would measure their body's energy pattern by using a pendulum over each chakra on the front and back of the body. Each chakra is associated with a specific psychological function, such as: the quantity and quality of sexual energy, capacity to feel pleasure and love, to understand concepts, the ego's will, etc.

When the pendulum is placed directly above the point of entry, it moves showing the pattern or flow of energy. If it remains still, it indicates that the energy is totally blocked or held down. In other words, thoughts and feelings can be measured through the flow of energy through our chakras. If a client was blocked or their energy was flowing in a reversed position, I could ask questions directed at that particular subject to help the client associate the feeling with how their body felt in the moment. I also used Traditional Chinese Medical pulse and at times, tongue diagnosis, to gain information. It was like a grand puzzle and my job was to put the pieces together to formulate some idea of where to explore in our sessions. When the session ended, I re-measured the chakras so that the client could witness how their present state of relaxation influenced their health and energy flow.

Today, I use the knowledge of the body / thought connection in my sexual and personal empowerment work. My Shiatsu practice helped me relinquish ego attachments to outcomes and performance, while I simultaneously discovered my intuitive nature. I am now able to embrace my ability to acutely sense and feel information when I speak with others. I encourage people to seek their own truth, not what they think the world would like them to be. Whether in one to one interaction or in my writing, I like asking questions that evoke emotional responses. I like to lead the client or reader to a deeper awareness of their sexual identity. The answers often reflect years of cultural, parental, and societal conditioning. I ask questions that lead people away from victimization, highlighting how personal choices can be made and positively manifested. When we see our ability to create the reality we desire, we learn how to empower ourselves rather than searching for external answers or approval.

Healing occurs when we believe we deserve to do so. This is something that cannot be given by a prescription or by a practitioner. It is a gift we must learn to give to ourselves. Once received, we are less likely to fall back into patterns that are self-deprecating. If we do find ourselves in negative situations, we have the tools to recognize how we can make better choices. Those choices can lead us to healthier living and understanding. ++

Cassia Landacre


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