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A Simple Holistic First Aid Kit

By Jennifer Wilks Christian, Cassia Landacre,
Elle McKenzie and Tracy Delaney

With insights gleaned from
Lauren Feder, M.D.

BE PREPARED. That's not just a motto for the Boy Scouts, it is an easy way to relieve some of the anxiety that sits with all of us, especially mothers. There will always be emergencies. We can pretend they won't happen or we can be prepared for them. It's simple, really.

We urge you to actually put together a first aid kit, not just read these suggestions. Small plastic boxes can easily be stowed in your car, your purse and your medicine cabinet. Look through what we list and decide which remedies best suit you and your lifestyle, then make a couple of kits. Be certain to include standard things like tweezers, bandages, gauze, and that sort of basic first aid equipment.

We know you know this, but we want to point it out anyway. Although we have studied extensively and use these remedies ourselves, we are not doctors. We are not suggesting that you forego health care and rely solely on these suggestions. We are suggesting that you can ease your anxiety and soothe immediate trauma until you can get appropriate care. We do not recommend that you use any remedy on a small child (particularly under the age of two) without medical supervision.


Pure, spring water is probably the most healing component of any first aid kit. It has numerous uses and is beneficial in almost all situations. Always have fresh, pure water on hand.


Homeopathic remedies come in different strengths or potencies. The lower strengths, which include 6X, 6C, 30X or 30C, are favored for home. The correct choice of remedy will work at any strength. People new to homeopathy should begin with the lower 6X or 6C potencies.

Nux Vomica:

Nux Vomica: This remedy is useful for:
Calming heartburn, constipation, and nausea. It is also good for easing the effects of over eating or indulging in too many stimulants.


Apis Mellifica (Apis) is useful for countering the effects of bee stings or insect bites. If a person suffers symptoms beyond normal, seek immediate medical attention.


This is a very good remedy for anxiety and panic resulting from an accident or frightening experience. It is also helpful for early stages of intense fever.

Arnica Montana:

Arnica montana (Arnica) is the first medicine to use for any injury. It is useful for: bruises, swelling, muscle soreness, sprains and strains, falls and blows, overexertion from lifting, sports, or work.


Arsenicum Album (Arsenicum) works well to control nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. These symptoms can be the result of food poisoning or traveler's diarrhea.


Belladonna is helpful during the early stages of a sudden fever. It can also relieve the throbbing pain of a toothache.


This remedy is useful for pain. It is an anti-spasmodic and works well for relaxation and to ease sore muscles.


Ledum Palustre (Ledum) is useful as an acute remedy for bites, stings and wounds, including puncture wounds. How old is your tetanus vaccination? For tetanus prevention see your doctor immediately.



Lavender oil is an essential for every household and first aid kit. It can be used to relieve headaches, bruises, burns, cuts, and insect bites. It is calming and antiseptic.
It should be used on minor burns only. It can be diluted with water or a carrier oil.

Tea Tree Oil:

This is a natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. It can be used as an immune system stimulant, for insect bites, cold sores and gum problems, scratches and scrapes. It is best used diluted -- a few drops in water.


Chamomile oil is soothing. It helps reduce anger and soothe sore muscles.

Aloe Vera:

An excellent remedy for sunburn. Smooth aloe vera gel directly onto the skin to soothe and heal the burned area.


Arnica cream is especially useful if you have a toddler running around bumping heads and knees all the time, or if you run around and bump yourself all the time. It is soothing and reduces bruising.


Burns, Minor Sunburns and Skin Irritation. Calendula is sold as a cream, gel, tincture, spray and ointment and is a healing agent to be applied locally for open wounds, scrapes, minor burns and sunburns.


Rescue Remedy is an excellent tool in your first aid kit. It can be used for shock, toothache, cuts and abrasions. Dab some on pulse points and the temples for shock. Apply directly to the aching tooth or wound.


By Cassia Landacre.

Although I no longer practice Shiatsu, I continue to use my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medical Theory and meridian location in every day life and in emergency situations. Acupressure can be helpful to decrease symptoms in emergency and acute situations. Use a gentle touch with the thumb or a finger and hold each point for a minute or two or as relief occurs. Some points may be tender to the touch, an indication that work is needed in that particular area and / or corresponding meridian. Encourage deliberate breathing until the Qi (pronounced chee) or energy disperses; the breath will become slower and deepen on its own.

Heart 7 -- Calms the Mind. A soothing point for every day stress or for acute anxiety in emergency situations. It is located on the pinky side of the hand, with the palm up, in the fold or hollow spot, where the hand bends / meets the wrist. The exact point is in between the wrist bone (Ulna) and the hand (Pisiform). Best to work this point on the left side of the body, closest to the heart.

Large Intestine 4 -- Helps descend Qi. This is a great point to help release energy causing certain types of headaches. It pulls the energy downward, giving a calming effect. The point is located just above the soft tissue between the thumb and forefinger on top of the hand. This point can be worked on both hands. It is not recommended for pregnant women as it may induce a premature labor response. Helps with headaches, toothaches, upper body pain, constipation, colds and influenza.

Liver 3 -- Subdues rising Qi and purifies liver. This also helps Qi to descend and balance within the body. It is very helpful with migraine type of headaches, or headaches that are sharp and acute. Located on the top of each foot between the big toe and the next toe. Place finger at the base where the big toe and the second toe attach at the foot. Slide finger up on foot 1/2 inch to an inch until you feel a slight indentation. This point also helps anger and agitation.

Lung 6 -- Accumulation point, regulates and descends lung Qi. This point can lessen the severity of an acute asthma attack. Point is located on top / inside part of the forearm, on the same side as the thumb. Using the width of your thumb to measure, start at the base of wrist crease and measure approximately seven thumb widths up the arm. Follow the bone as you measure, keeping to the inside of the arm. There is a slight indentation at the correct spot and maybe tender to the touch. Also good for coughs and tonsillitis.

Cathy Remenick, another Shiatsu practitioner also recommends the following points for headache, tension, anxiety, and "over thinking:"

Gall Bladder 21-- Descends Qi from neck and head. Point is located in the depression at midpoint at the top of the shoulder on the Trapezius muscle. Work point until muscle begins to loosen, using vibration with the thumb or fingers if necessary. Then, gently pull the second toe (next to big toe) on each foot for about 30 seconds. If that doesn't give relief gently try other toes. It depends where the Qi is stuck in the head. This technique pulls the excess energy downward and the headache will melt away.

These points can help bring a person in crisis back to their center, an essential undertaking when fear is present in emergency situations. Receiving gentle touch and reassurance helps the person breath deeper and shifts the focus until their body resumes its normal pattern.

PMS symptoms and cramps: Two acupressure points that relieve this type of pain are: liver 3 and spleen 6. (See Liver 3 above.) Spleen 6 is an essential point for working menstrual problems; it is used to regulate blood flow. This point is located on the inner leg. Place your thumb between the Achilles tendon on your heel and your ankle. Slowly slide you thumb up towards your calf, following the natural line of the leg. The point is about midway between the ankle and the bulk calf muscle. Again, if you are having pain usually one leg or the other will be tender to the touch. Hold these two points until any tenderness subsides. Acupressure always works better if you can have someone else work with you. Work one point at a time. Do both liver points then work up to the spleen points.++


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