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Childhood Immunization

By Jennifer Wilks Christian and Tracy Delaney

PROTECING YOUR CHILD is a key component of parenting and in Western culture immunization for childhood diseases appears to be an automatic choice. There is mounting evidence, however, that immunization is not all that simple a decision. In the United States, your rights to decide what is best for your child are being increasingly curtailed, but in fact there are still options and choices you can make. Here we've compiled a list of sources which discuss your rights and will help you to make informed choices regarding childhood immunization.

Childhood vaccinations can begin as early as the first week after birth and since it is very likely that you will not be practically able to devote your energy towards making an educated decision at that time, it is wise advice to research your options before your child is born. Understand that you will have to become the expert because most health care professionals are trained to believe fervently in the value of immunization.

Certainly, we are not advocating that you forego immunization for your child. However, we do believe the decision should be your choice, and that you can only choose appropriately what is best for your child if you know what your available options are.++


National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)
512 W. Maple Avenue, Suite 206
Vienna, VA 22180
Fax: 703-938-5768

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With special thanks and credit to Rich Anderson, the original compiler of many of the titles of this resource list.


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