The Party

by Cassia Landacre

"Taking yourself too seriously?
Go walk in the cold rain nude
Or park your ass on the ground and look up

Wanting the perfect answer to your problems?
Look into the mirror
and pretend you don't know who is looking back

She'll know exactly what to do"

KAREN TURNED DOWN the music and called her husband at work.

"I want to go to that party tomorrow night," she stated flatly.

"What made you change your mind?" Bob asked, surprised.

"We'll talk about it tonight. I just wanted to let you know."

When she hung up, Karen felt a weight lift off her chest. She had to laugh at herself, her hands were shaking and she had to go to the bathroom. When she finished, she returned to her couch and sat in the afternoon sun, daydreaming.

"What if I can't do it, now that I said I would? What if I go and freak out? What if I go and I feel uncomfortable? Or, oh god, I am jealous, or some creepy guy comes on to me? What do I do?" Her heart raced. She ran to the bathroom again.

By the time Bob arrived home, her mind had played out numerous scenarios, all of which she found less than pleasurable. She began to doubt her decision to go to this gathering.

"So how are you?" Bob asked, knowing she had probably had a tough time making her decision. "We will do whatever you want, I have no desire to push you into something you do not want to do. This was your idea, remember?"

"I know." Her voice was small and defensive. "I do want to go, I do want to open our lives to include more people. I am just uncertain and I am scared to go, not knowing what to expect."

Trying to be reassuring, Bob reached over and pulled her close. The rest of the evening was quiet and uneventful. The topic never came up again. Karen didn't speak of it and Bob didn't ask any questions. In the back of each of their minds, however, the wheels kept turning.

The next morning, Bob went off to work and the rest of the day dragged on for Karen. She took time to shave her legs and picked out a nice outfit.

"What if he meets someone else? What if we do this and he is happy and I am not? What if I meet someone?"

Since they didn't want to be among the first, they deliberately arrived a half hour late. Much to Karen's surprise the atmosphere was inviting, warm and comfortable. People were standing around chatting. A few were clothed but most were not and a few women wore pretty sarongs. Karen was glad that she had kept her evening's attire simple.

"Please, come in!" Their new friends greeted them with smiles, hugs and kisses. "We are so glad you two came to visit." Their hosts turned and led them into the great room, introducing them to others as they went along.

"Please make yourselves at home, the kitchen is to your left, the bathroom and shower is down the hall first door on your right. You can store your things in the case along the wall. Let us know if you need anything, we want you to be comfortable."

Karen excused herself and went to the bathroom. She appreciated the moment alone to gather herself. She laughed seeing her image in the full-length mirror. "It's okay, Karen, you can do this," she reassured herself as she slipped out of her clothes.

When she returned to the great room, some of the people had shifted their positions and were now forming a circle on the floor. Cushions, pillows and large towels were being placed for everyone's comfort. Bob was talking to another man that Karen had met a week or two before. Bob seemed completely at ease; Karen admired his way of appearing calm even when she knew he was not.

Bob looked up and smiled as he saw her approach the gathering group.

"You look wonderful." He whispered in her ear. "I am so proud to be with you. You are so brave." His comments were genuine.

"I'll be right back," and he quickly exited to the bathroom. Karen found the place to put her belongings.

"Please, come and join us everyone." Joyce, the hostess, called to gain everyone's attention.

"For those of you that have not been with us before, I want to welcome you with open arms and heart. We are so pleased that you are here with us tonight."

The group settled in and Joyce looked around the room to see who was missing.

"We will wait a moment or two for everyone to be present. Make yourselves comfortable."

When Bob and two other women rejoined them, Joyce addressed the group again.

"Hello." She said looking around the room at everyone. The group responded with a cheery "Hello!" in return. She took a deep breath and introduced herself and turning to her left, introduced her husband, Scott.

"Scott and I have been together now for five years. It is our desire to fully celebrate life, to love unconditionally, and to provide a space for others to discover their own form of freedom. We believe in supporting one another through change and choose to create a place of safety for us to grow. We are here to share that space with you."

Karen continued, "The first part of the evening will be a celebration of self love, bringing the attention inward, to our own healing and comfort. For those of you here for the first time, let me explain that we emphasize solo sex to get our bodies accustomed to being safe while being in a group experience. During solo sex, boundaries are maintained. If you choose to witness another person, do so with respect and without touching. While masturbating, if you find that you have issues arise, or you find it a challenge to let go and enjoy yourself, feel free to explore those blocks. We are creating a container; no one is expecting anything from anyone. Sex is never about performance for us."

"Yes, Joan?" Joyce turned to answer her question.

"Should we stay near our partners or do we separate?"

"Whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you want to move to a more private area of the great room, do so. We do ask though that everyone stay in the room until we are complete, leaving only if you need to use the bathroom."

"How much time do we have?" asked a man with a dark beard that Karen did not know.

The group chuckled.

"As long as we desire," answered Joyce. "Remember this is just the beginning of our evening together, whether or not you take your solo sex to orgasm is your choice. If you would like oil, there's coconut oil and small towels available over on the side tables. You can wash up before the next stage of our gathering." Joyce's voice lowered with sincerity. "Please, please, remember this isn't about looking or sounding good. Have a good time. Have your experience. Forget about doing it right, wrong, or whatever." She laughed at her own pleading.

"Any more questions? Okay, well let's get started." Joyce concluded, standing up. She stepped over a few people and slightly dimmed the overhead lights. Some people got up and shifted to a new spot.

In an afterthought Joyce added: "We are not going to use music tonight. Some of you have asked not to, so we may fully hear the breath and excitement as it builds within the group."

Joyce rejoined the others on the floor and when the room quieted again, she began the session.

She placed her left hand on her heart and her right hand on her vulva. She gently rubbed herself, gathering her thoughts.

"Dear Universe, we come together in this sacred space to explore and share the love we have for ourselves and one another. We open our hearts, our minds and our legs to feel the pleasure we have come to experience on this planet. May the love light flow through our bodies, healing us and helping us discover more of who we really are."

The room went silent and people started to explore their own bodies.

Minutes passed and slowly sounds of deep breathing and pleasure permeated the great room. Bodies writhed but did not touch. In a chorus of intermittent resonance, the group collectively moved into an open and expansive, sexual space.

Karen tried to block out where she was at first, to help her get over her shyness. She soon realized that she could hear others breathing, sighing, and moaning next to her. Rather than shut them out, she listened. Her breathing changed too, as she began to get more excited. She quickly looked side to side and realized that no one was watching. She closed her eyes and allowed her thoughts to drift. Her vulva responded with silky smooth wetness.

She lovingly played with her clitoris, her hips started to move. Her leg bumped up against her neighbor and she recoiled. Again, she looked around, this time resting on her elbows. She could see others pleasuring themselves in a variety of ways. She was intrigued but she did not want to stare, so she returned to her pillow and her vulva.

Feeling the freedom to be who she was in the moment, she quietly moaned with delight as she caressed herself. Surprised at her own response, she wanted more. As she found her pleasure, she lost track of time and her fears dissipated. The woman next to her softly cooed. Karen penetrated herself with her fingers as someone across the room, another woman, cried out in orgasm. She had never heard another woman come before, at least in person. The strength of the orgasmic sound echoed throughout Karen and as if she had received permission to enter the next realm, she too, came. Her orgasm was quiet, but internally, she felt the release not only from her vulva but her entire body. There she laid, catching her breath, listening to those around her.

As the group started to calm down, a couple of people got up to use the bathroom. Karen looked across to Bob, who was three people away from her. Their eyes met and they shared a moment of mutual admiration and love. They were both pleased at each other's expression. They recognized in that moment that their love for one another was expanding exponentially.

A break was called. People mingled and snacked. The immediate tension had been shed and everyone had noticeable light and color in their faces. After everyone finished, Joyce called the group back together again.

"We would like to try something new tonight, if you are all willing." Joyce smiled a devilish grin, setting a box in the middle of the floor.

"The next session will be as follows: All the men will stand in a circle with their backs toward the center. The women will take these scarves and gently blindfold the men. The role of the men throughout this session is to practice receptivity. The men will stand with their hands passively at their sides or behind their backs. They will not reach out or make any attempt to engage the woman. They are to remain passive, with no talking, unless of course, to convey that something is uncomfortable or to indicate a boundary. We will discuss that in a moment."

"Anyway, it is the woman's role to discover whatever she wants with any man in the circle. She is totally in charge. Since he cannot see her or engage her, she is, well, free to safely discover what gives her pleasure." Joyce playfully reached out and lovingly patted her husband's cock with her hand and everyone laughed.

"Talking should be minimal, unless the woman is specifically directing the man to do something. Please, no chatter between the women as they play, or between the men as they experience a variety of touch. This is a playful time but we want to create a space for the woman to move into her power. It is a time of self discovery, for she is in control."

"Another item that needs to be discussed is that we have an odd number of people tonight. There may be times that the women may want to share a man or there may be times when the man is left to experience an absence of touch. Men, if you have not experienced the sexual excitement that can come from the act of denial, I suggest you get prepared. I encourage you to increase your awareness of all sensations, including the anticipation of receiving. Enjoy your role of passivity, find your pleasure in service."

"Now boundaries, how would you all like to handle that question?" asked Joyce.

After the group had listened to everyone's individual concerns or limitations, the men gathered in a circle. The women placed the scarves accordingly. Joyce then revealed a second box that had a variety of props in it. The women gathered around the box and quietly rummaged with excitement. Some, however, simply chose to approach a man and began.

Karen looked at the group of men. Such a variety in their ages, builds and stature. She found a soft puffy cosmetic applicator brush with a large head and brought it to a medium build, dark haired man. She stood before him, excited, afraid, and totally vulnerable. What Karen didn't realize in this moment was the man was also totally vulnerable, especially since he had no idea what was in store for him the rest of the evening.

She took the brush and outlined his body. Depending upon the location, the dark haired man would shudder as he appeared to be very ticklish. This intrigued Karen and she moved in closer. She took the brush and rubbed it on his mouth. He was being perfectly still, probably enduring the soft touch, she thought. She traced his nipples, moved it across his belly, and down to his testicles. His cock responded, nodding at her. Sheepishly, she told him to spread his legs. He did so, obediently.

"I like this game," she thought to herself. Karen put the brush in her left hand and reached down with a firm, yet gentle grip and held his testicles. He let out a breath and his body relaxed into the pleasure. She dropped the brush on the floor.

She moved her body as close to his as she could without touching him. They were similar in height. She placed her cheek next to his, listening to his breath. She let her soft cheek brush against him. His breath quickened and he wet his lips. Karen directly faced him and brought her lips to his, barely touching them. He was perfect; he didn't try to engage her. She took her time and licked his lips, first the top and then the bottom, slowly, carefully. Her body pressed in closer. This time, she allowed her breast to push into his chest. She could feel his cock rubbing against her.

Karen could feel the woman next to her; in fact, they bumped against one another on occasion as they played. She was a younger woman and was much shorter. Her man was taller than the dark haired man with Karen. When Karen stepped back to witness the man's erection, the younger woman switched men, reaching across his chest and caressed his nipple. Karen smiled, as she had never shared a man with another before. She gestured to the woman to join them.

"Becky," she whispered in Karen's ear to introduce herself. Becky then nodded toward the dark haired man and leaned as if to tell Karen his name but Karen shook her head. She didn't need to know his name. She giggled to herself at her boldness.

"I'm Karen," she shared as they both caressed and kissed the man's body. Karen watched as the younger woman went straight for his cock. She took him in her mouth and massaged his balls with her hand. Karen leaned in and with a throaty whisper said, "I like to watch her suck your cock." Karen was changing. She stood behind Becky, pulling her hair back to keep it from getting in her mouth. Without thinking, she caressed Becky's shoulders with her free hand. When Becky had enough, she looked up at Karen and smiled. Her eyes had softened. She stood and kissed Karen, leaving the man wondering what was happening in front of him.

Karen found a luscious passion kissing this other woman. As they explored each other's mouth, Becky reached down and slid her fingers onto Karen's vulva. Karen responded by pressing her tongue deeper into her partner's mouth. After the kiss, Becky pulled back and lifted her fingers to her nose. Her eyes closed slightly as she reveled in the scent.

Becky then climbed under the dark haired man and disappeared behind him. As she climbed between his legs, she kissed and pressed her body into his. She reappeared, wrapping her arms around him from behind. Karen leaned in and they pressed his body between theirs simultaneously. She found pleasure rubbing her breasts on him, exploring his mouth, and finally his cock. Since he was fairly thin, Karen could not only hug him as she sucked but she could reach behind and caress Becky, too.

Hearing groans from other parts of the room, Karen turned to see that some of the women had moved their men down onto the floor and some were in chairs.

"I want you to come with us," she told him. Realizing that her request wasn't sufficient, she added, "We will take you to another space, where you will get down on the floor." He nodded, and waited for the women. They took his arms and led him to an open area a few feet away. Becky spoke first.

"Now kneel down," she told him. Karen watched as he knelt. Becky walked up to him, bent over, placed her hand at the back of his head and passionately kissed his mouth. When her lips left his mouth, his lips were pink and still slightly open, uncertain if she would return.

Becky stepped forward and pressed her vulva into his mouth. He hungrily ate her. "Gently," she reminded him.

While Becky was exploring her pleasure, Karen looked around and noticed a man lying on his back. Joyce was crouched on top of him, rubbing her breast on his face. In that moment, Joyce looked up and saw Karen watching. Her smile was invitation enough and Karen left Becky to join Joyce's adventure.

Without hesitation, Karen walked up to the twosome and rested her right foot on the man's shoulder to let him know she was above him watching. Joyce moved down his body, biting him with just enough pressure to leave little red marks, making his cock stand at attention.

Karen knew what she wanted to do. She only hesitated a moment and in her excitement she made the decision to let go. She stepped over the man, a foot on each side of his head and she knelt down, placing her wetness directly on his mouth. The serge of lustful energy meeting his unsuspecting mouth was explosive for her. In her most passionate and powerful moment of the evening she looked up and there, ten feet away, was her husband.

The man's mouth was gentle, caressing her clit in a way she was unaccustomed to. She couldn't help moaning. Her eyes returned to her husband and she smiled, knowing she knew she had found something new for herself. "I am in complete control, yet controlling nothing," she thought. She pressed harder onto his mouth. Looking back up at her husband she could see he was now with two women and he was extremely excited. This added to her own arousal. She felt no jealousy. She was in a place of total freedom.

Karen came again, this time the sound built up in her throat and couldn't be contained. She added her own melody to the room's orgasmic choir. She wondered after if her husband had recognized her voice as she came. She was not the same person.

The party continued for some time. Karen chose to watch others as she enjoyed her body's newfound pleasure. Quietly she sat, gazing in awe as two other women enjoyed Bob's body.

After the men were unmasked, Karen joined her husband and curled up in the middle of the floor. Having found a new level of closeness, connection and freedom, together they lovingly basked in the evening's atmosphere.

Copyright 2003 Cassia Landacre
The Alternative Reality Press


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