Custom Astrology Readings on CD by Eric Francis

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Astrology Readings on CD

Carefully Researched and then
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It started this way: I received far more requests for written readings for the 2001 holiday season than I expected. And suddenly, a productivity- increasing idea arrived: You can talk! Do them on CD! So, with a little audio technical support from my friend Flynn, and Angela handling the thousand important details, I got started. The result was considerably more than double the content of written word presentations, plus the ease of speaking, and the benefit of a lasting record of our work.

I am happy to offer my readers custom astrology readings on CD.

Most astrologers do this kind of thing; it's not exactly an original invention. But after years of conducting a strictly counseling-based astrology practice, it does feel different, and it is different. This is a careful look at your chart rather than your life situation: an actual astrology reading. It's another world, and it's a lot of fun. And, after spending a couple of weeks at the process full-time, I realized that it's really useful to provide this kind of information. Those charts talk, when we listen.

I've adopted many of the same client-centered methods I use doing in-person work, such as working with past and current transits, presenting you with thought-provoking questions and using real-life examples of what I am talking about. Sometimes I will get back to you with specific questions about your life in order to be able to go into greater detail on your chart.

My research into your chart includes checking Centaur planets (such as Chiron and his younger cousins), asteroids (the major four, plus about a dozen others -- particularly Psyche, Eros, Sappho, Bacchus and others) and looking carefully at your progressions and transits. I do my homework but will not burden you with technicalities you don't understand. You tell me how much detail you want from the astrology: hot, medium or mild. I will provide as much astrological detail as you want, plus examples and illustrations that blend mythology, psychology, spirituality and science in the way that only astrology can. Copies of your charts are included with the work.

Your custom astrology reading will arrive on a high-quality CD just like this one... with a similar-looking but TOTALLY DIFFERENT disc containing astrological news and information affecting everyone.

This work is customized, based on your birth data (date, time and place, if available), addressing the needs and questions you explain in your correspondence to me. I will bring to your service an open mind and seven years of professional astrological experience, plus many more years as a Tarot reader, and provide you with the best work I can offer.

The following topics are available:

- relationship energies and turning points

- synsastry (chart compatibility)

- creative & professional profile

- erotic profile

- home and family life

- Chiron: healing, personal growth & your quest for God/dess

I can also look into challenging situations that have resisted more ordinary methods of inquiry, including using ancient techniques that will squeeze information out of a rock.

With your custom reading, you will also get a second disc with bonus tracks containing information about current astrological events and situations facing every person and the whole world.

-- These are available year-round as gifts.

-- I do solar return (birthday) charts looking at the four or five seasons ahead.

-- If you have worked with another astrologer recently, you will find my viewpoint to be totally different.

-- These make an excellent personal growth project if you are already in therapy.

The fee for each reading starts at $155.00 and ranges to $295.00, including shipping and handling. The length of the sessions ranges from 50 to 90 minutes, plus bonus tracks, which go into detail on the background behind the material you get in the custom portion of the reading.

If you're interested in checking this out, you may email or call (206) 854-3931 before 7 pm Pacific Time.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

I am still available for two- and three-session astrology process, and ongoing work, for those interested in speaking by phone (or in-person in the Seattle area). Please call or email us if you would like to set up an appointment, or discuss the possibility.

As always, it's a privilege to serve as your astrologer, and I look forward to working with you.



We use Macintosh computers, Maxell CDs, Priority Mail and real butter. FedEx is available, too.

Work ordered now will be available for delivery within two weeks. All forms of payment are acceped. Payment is required before shipment. No refunds given once work is completed. Thank you!

Call with your questions! (206) 854-3931, Pacific time zone.

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