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Updates for Fridays in November and December 2001

Dear Readers,

This is the former weekly updates page, prior to the horoscope returning to weekly publication. Now, this item is posted on top of the horoscope each week, so there's no need to re-post it here. But we leave you with this bit of history from late 2001, for your entertainment or posterity.

Thanks for reading. We love you.

Eric Francis
Seattle, WA
on Puget Sound

Graphic above from the Rosette Nebula in Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Sulfur. Credit: T. A. Rector, B. Wolpa, M. Hanna. Planet Waves logo by Eric, and Via Davis.

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November 30, 2001. There is a full moon today (Nov. 30 at 12:48 p.m. PST) and the theme can be summed up in one word: Sacrifice. This idea is the cause of so much of the sadness and depression in the world. In effect, sacrifice is the one idea holding together the entire belief system of our planet. There is so little we do or expect that does not have its basis in one person losing so that another may gain. If you are caught in this world view, you might want to try experimenting with the idea that the more you give, the more you find out that you have. This may seem contradictory, but how else would you find out what you have, unless you start sharing it? Some call it abundance consciousness. Imagine a whole community or culture based on this idea (we see a little of it working on the Internet, where every person with a noncommerical web page adds a subject to the total database, to which we can all have open access). This can work on many levels, in almost any time or place. Try it and see.

Reader Tip: Sincerity is the key to successful divination. This may seem obvious -- but it's based on ancient Chinese wisdom found in the Tao Te Ching. The single most important factor in working with a client is your desire to assist them. People come to readers in need, not because everything is going great, and they are both vulnerable and sensitive to who is expressing sincere compassion for them. Your sensitivity will speak for itself; just come from your heart. It's far more important than being accurate or impressive.

December 7, 2001. There is a strong polarity in the air these days between conformity and rebellion. The Sun's journey across Sagittarius is now firing up the free-spirited people, and the side of all of us that longs for the gift of believing what we know to be true, rather than what we are told is true. In terms of spiritual growth process, this is one of the most meaningful issues of our time in history. It would be wise of all those who follow astrology to turn their eyes to the Sagittarius solar eclipse in one week, on Dec. 14 at 12:47 p.m. PST. Solar eclipses create high-pressure environments, and coupled with the psychic pressure exerted by the holidays approaching, it's important to find dependable ways to let go of tension and anxiety. This eclipse will raise some powerful questions and feelings that most people would rather leave unfelt and unasked. But the coming conjunction of Pluto and Venus, which mixes the themes of soul and sex, demands that we know the difference between religion and natural spirituality.

Reader Tip: Know your spread! You can be more effective in the first minute of a reading if you work with a simple spread and know the meaning of each position very well. You program the spread yourself -- you decide what the positions mean. There is no need to follow the books; the first position in your spread can have the meaning "why is this client calling" and the second, "what was the meaning of the last significant event before they called?"

December 14, 2001. There's a solar eclipse today and it sets the tone of the coming weeks. Yet experience teaches that this event has the power to help us set the tone of the next six months, so the focus needs to be on the long-term, a perfect Sagittarian theme. Eclipses are like one-way doors, but it's more like door with a stiff wind blowing through. We are pushed, or vacuumed, sometimes forcefully, into a new stage of life. At times, much can seem out of control, and the need to focus on immediate concerns can distract us from the crucial element of taking the long view. But I would propose that the two are not so different right now, a probability suggested by the fact that this is the first Sagittarius eclipse in about 8 years. You could say that the only way to the future is through today, words which ring a bit ominously as I write them. Note also that Chiron, the planet of healing, has just entered Capricorn for the first time in about 50 years. Among other things, this represents learning a new set of survival skills on the most practical of levels.

Reader Tip: Get your client talking. This is the difference between reading and fortune telling. Try to be discern from the first statements out of a person's mouth something about their state of mind, and any used car salesman will tell you that five seconds should be all it takes; often it does take longer, though we improve with practice. But the sooner you can get a person to answer a basic question, the sooner you will get a real window into their mind. You might ask, "What wisdom do you seek from the cards now?" or "Would you say this is a meaningful turning point in your life?" or some version of the ever-important question for psychics and healers of all kinds, "Where does it hurt?"

December 21, 2001. Old stuff is the theme of the week. Old pain, old wounds, old lovers, reflecting on the way our father struggled when we were kids, and many other related subjects are likely to arise, seemingly out of nowhere. Anyone who experienced abuse as a child may discover that they are in some pain about what seemed to be over long ago. The sky is extremely complicated right now, and this time of year is a moment of celestial speedup and compressed experience (winter solstice is Dec. 21 at 11:22 a.m. PST). In the old times this season was called Saturnalia. Our present culture goads us into a holiday based on obligation and purchasing of material objects. Earlier, this this was the season of an extended celebration, complete with gluttonous feasts and other let's say heathen activities. These days, most people drag themselves through, waiting for Dec. 26. Remember to take time for yourself, and if you're out buying gifts, invest in something meaningful for yourself. You deserve it.

Reader Tip: Conflicting cards present us with a person in conflict. This may seem like a no-brainer, but often, reading a spread, we see cards that just don't add up, or one card in a spread which seems like it doesn't belong there. Well what makes you think the client adds up? But this is usually the most profitable time to do inner work, because inner strife is, well, somehow good for the soul. Difficulty presents us with motivation to make life better, to face our problems, and finally, to make some decisions. Often, your entire role will be to assist a client in choosing.

December 28, 2001. The question for the week is, how does one see in the dark? We had better ask an owl or a cat. One answer is that we need to open our eyes wide, and then make better use of low-light. We night not be able to see color so well, but we can see shape and movement very effectively. We can also smell and hear, and add our sensory data up instead of dividing it up. We need to rely more on memory. But for humans, the deepest need is to develop inner vision. The current emphasis on Capricorn right now is seeming to ground us in some very mundane issues, but time will show that these things will take care of themselves. What counts the most right now is taking quiet time to look within, to reflect, to ask ourselves questions, and to explore those dark spaces of our souls which beg us for attention. You might say that the way to see in the dark is to light a candle, with the flame representing the inner light that never dies, and which makes the difference between seeing everything, or nothing at all.

Reader Tip: Sometimes the less you say, the more people hear. This is often the case. Giving a lot of advice sometimes can be detrimental. But if you can leave a client with one or two sold ideas he or she can take with them, you will have done a true service. It may take a bit of listening to state your ideas in the unique way that a unique person needs to hear them in their particular state of mind. But this is a skill you can learn. It helps to use the client's language even if the idea is not as precise as you might have stated it, so speak in their words whenever possible.

November 2001

Friday, Nov. 2
Reverberations from Wednesday's Taurus Blue Moon are still rippling through the world, but to a real extent the pressure is off of certain key decisions that may have seemed a lot more important several days ago. Saturday is another big turning point, as the Moon occults the planet Saturn, a rare event, which also occurred Sept. 10, 2001. I am sensing that these two dates mark some kind of strange and off-the-usual-tempo cycle, a little world of their own. The easing of tensions will, with any faith, facilitate clear conversation on the most personal matters, even where there were deadlocks in the past -- so take the chance to talk to partners or loved ones if you have it. I know this takes guts, but somebody has to be the one to initiate communication. It could be you. The repeat of the infamous Saturn-Pluto opposition yesterday reminds us that much is possible in the way of lasting changes right now, because this is the season of change in the great cycle of history. Both in the very big picture and the immediate weeks we're living through, working on the structural level and attempting the impossible will bear fruit, with a little faith. Faith, faith, faith, children.

Friday, Nov. 9
We've been learning that there's little we can take for granted in the world, or in our lives, which is a reasonable lesson. What we've called security in the past has unfortunately been a false blanket of hope and ignorance, and strong forces of light continue to send ripples of awakening through both the world and each of us as individuals. Waking up is a voluntary act, which is why Spirit neither forces nor coerces us to get with the program. Yet don't be surprised if people around you keep pushing down the button on their alarm clocks, however, or complain that the annoying light of day is shining in their eyes. The current emphasis on Scorpio planets -- Mercury, Venus and the Sun, all supported by Jupiter in Cancer -- means if we tune in on the feeling level, the surprises of the mental plane will be a lot more fun. This is the week to invent your way out of any problems you may be facing; your imagination is more important than what most people think they know. Remember the Scorpio New Moon on Nov. 14, at 6:40 a.m. GMT.

Friday, Nov. 16
Tomorrow is Sadie Hawkin's day and it's my duty as an astrologer to remind all the women in the reading audience to ask a man or two out on a date, Lesibians included. One profound moral lesson for the week, which we've all learned 38 times, is likely to be that anger as attack is fairly useless -- but this time, if you have to learn it from experience, you might waste the benefits of the wisdom. There's no problem, at this point in the game, that can't be solved by negotiation and compromise, but you could say that's always true. As the Sun winds up its month-long trip through Scorpio this week, you may notice that a collection of issues comes up for attention just when you wanted this to happen the least. The reality is there are certain heavy things you can't carry into enlightenment with you, and we both know you don't need them anyway: for example, your collection of grudges will only get you about twenty pence at an antique shop, mainly for its novelty value. You know that in truth there's little you can hold against others, compared to most people, but hey, who's comparing.

Friday, Nov. 23
These are mighty fine times for everyone who can cut through the haze of confusion, delusion, depression, obsession, regression and possession. They way to do it: confession. Even with some of the hottest, sexiest aspects known to the craft coursing through the heavens, it might be slim pickins out there, but it never hurts to pay attention for other conscious beings roaming the surface of the planet. There is something distinctly visual about these days and weeks: Neptune is a really strong planet at the moment, so make art and kiss a Pisces (I'm a Pisces). But the Sun's link to Neptune portends all kinds of accurate intuition, vibrations of compassionate love, and squeaking through DUI checkpoints. However, playing it safe means taking chances of a nature that can't hurt anyone, for example, shooting photos rather than guns. Sunday and Monday, instigating arguments with loved ones peaks the stupidity meters; you could just as easily be making sparks fly in far more pleasant ways.

Friday, Nov. 30
This week will be covered in more detail in the next edition, but it seems that today's full moon in Gemini is a really strange lunation that bears a profound spiritual message of some kind for everyone. Yours will be in a phone booth on the corner of 4th and Mulberry, on page 446 of the local directory. Details when we return with another edition.

October 2001

Oct. 5
You may notice that people are still edgy even after the Full Moon passed earlier in the week. Are you? This is one moment when life's events and human emotions feel far bigger than they seem; beware of the distortion. Next week it won't quite seem like every conversation where the least disagreement arises is the World Cup Finals. When opinions, emotions and perceptions deflate, it may scale recent your successes back to a smaller proportion, yet I doubt you'll mind because there will be a similar effect on problems, or what you thought were problems. Mercury just turned retrograde, and will remain so for another three weeks. If you dwell on complications, they're unlikely to get simpler; and it would be unwise to invest much energy into solving crises that may not even exist. If you can avoid initiating projects or manage to delay major purchases till the end of the month, you'll save yourself time and money. Kids need special attention now. Something (likely from the past) may be bothering them which you haven't picked up on, and it's a good time to listen carefully.

Oct. 12
Nobody is asking you to sacrifice your feelings or your needs, though it may seem like that's what's happening. But if the world seems to be on an emotional bungee jumping ride, it's in the stars as well. People seem thrilled about taking huge risks for some reason; I've a hunch you know better, because things are more volatile and far less predictable than they seem. And what seems like luck is more likely to be wishful thinking. A story or power struggle which began in early August could rear its head again soon, and it won't hurt to be proactive and make sure you're out of the way if so. Just remember, it's the truth that you're after and the truth that will protect you, and despite what many say, the truth is not a matter of opinion. We're still under a global weather advisory against saying too much too soon, or anything you can avoid saying, for that matter, and your silence won't hurt you. And neither will keeping invisible, travelling incognito or coming and going through the back door. You'll notice that it's a lot warmer and cozier inside your home than it is out there in the real world, and if you consider your humble abode your temple of truth and light, it will become that fast.

Oct. 19
Mercury, the planet of mind, money and communication, finally stops skating backwards the evening of the 22nd when its retrograde ends. The little-spoken astrological secret that the most confusing and risky times of the retrograde phase are the days the whole crazy business begins and ends warrants mention now. It's wise to put a day's cushion on either side of this, so temper your ambitions from the 21st to the 23rd, stay out of people's way, and make your plans for what you need to accomplish as soon as everyone gets their minds back online. If you don't rush anything, use as few words and spend as little money as possible, you'll save yourself all kinds of hassles and energy. And hey, it's about the worst time to be doing surgery on computer software. If you can wait, then wait, and if you can't, make extra backups and take things one calm step at a time.

Oct. 26
With the Sun now in Scorpio and the sky visibly darkening much earlier, these days are considered the most psychic time of the year. It's often said that the "veil between the worlds" is the thinnest just before Halloween, which is one of the four High Sabbats of the old religion, known as Samhain (pronounced "sa-wen"). Dreams are especially meaningful now, and we don't even need Tarot cards or horoscopes to have that window into the usually-unseen truth. You just know what you know because intuition is so powerful now. For many other reasons, there's been a positive shift of energy from the lunacy of earlier in the month into something more direct and intense; it's a wonder people could take such meaningless gossip or pretend crises so seriously, and still take themselves seriously today. But of course we can forgive everyone whose life is so boring that they have to pretend they're living a TV program.

Oct. 26 - Rewrite

With the Sun now in Scorpio and the sky visibly darkening much earlier, these days are considered the most psychic time of the year. It's often said that the "veil between the worlds" is the thinnest just before Halloween, which is one of the four High Sabbats of the old religion, known as Samhain (pronounced"sa-wen"), an ancient festival in which the dead are honored and death itself is mocked. Much has shifted in the past week: Mercury and Neptune both finally stationed direct, for example, and the Sun's movement into Scorpio lifted us emotionally. But in the next few days, potent energies build fast, as we race toward the Taurus Full Moon (exact Nov. 1 at 5:42 am GMT), and most important, the second encounter of the Saturn-Pluto opposition (exact Nov. 2) that has been rewriting world history. It's good that this is a season of enhanced psychic powers: We'll need them. ++

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